Products Overview

All ASSC School Climate Assessment Instruments (SCAI) have been approved by the US Department of Education, Office of Safe and Supportive Schools.

ASSC provides the School Climate Assessment Instruments (SCAI) in two primary ways.
» School Climate Assessment Instruments*
» Classroom Climate Assessment Instruments*
» Transformative Connected School System (TCSS)
» Transformative Classroom Management
» Paragon Learning Style Inventory (PLSI)

(*) SCAI v5.0 includes a special emphasis on parent involvement (versions available for parents, teachers and staff and students).
All surveys are available in Spanish Language versions.
An additional scale is available measuring climate for students with special needs. This scale can be included to any online administration.

Services and Support Overview

Currently the Alliance provides schools with a variety of services. While our belief is that any meaningful change will come about through any schools own democratic commitment to a long-term process of reflection and renewal, our assistance may be helpful in those efforts. more...

» All School Climate Assessment Facilitation
» Focused In-service Training Related to your Needs